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Motorcycle Camping in Scotland

Being self sufficient on a motorcycle is a liberating experience and lets you spend days exploring with no limits to hold you back. Based in Edinburgh, we have some of the worlds best landscapes and roads in our backyard. Combined with legal wild camping, this makes Scotland a perfect place for a motorcycle adventure.

In 2017 we took a couple of week long trips including a semi supported motorcycle rally through the British islands which saw us carrying all our camping gear, minus cooking equipment, and spending five days on the road. My personal camping setup served me well and though the weather had scope for improvement, it all held up.

Camping gear

  • Kriega US-30 dry bag strapped to the seat

  • Decathlon £20 2 man tent bungeed to the Kriega bag (fits one man realistically, with bike gear)

  • Decathlon 2 season sleeping bag

  • Camp mat

  • Head torch

  • Battery / charging pack

  • Thermals

  • Midge repellent

  • A change of clothes

Being open to custom and retro motorcycles only, Goretex riding suits wouldn't really have cut the mustard. Leather jackets and open face helmets were much more in tune with the ride even if it meant suffering the weather.

We're planning on a weekend camping trip to the west coast with Moto Stable members at the end of summer 2018, more information to follow.

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