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DIY Motorcycle Garages

Ride. Wrench. Repeat. This is the mantra of a growing wave of DIY motorcycle garages springing up across the US and Australia. From Kustom Kommune in Melbourne to Brother Moto in Atlanta, the hands on biker is being well catered for.

At Moto Stable, we are trying to address the biggest problem effecting bikers in Edinburgh which is where to keep your bike where your not riding it. For less than the price of renting a lockup, we are giving members all hours access to a designated motorcycle parking spot. On top of this, we have CCTV, lockers for gear, ground anchors and power for trickle chargers, going beyond what most people can expect from their own space whilst saving money on their insurance costs at the same time.

We can't build a membership of bikers without creating a community at the same time, and whilst not at the scale of community garages overseas, we hope that our small workshop and community space can serve as a hub.

Join up and always have a place to return your bike too after those epic rides. If you get to know your bike a little better and do some of your own work, then even better.

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