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Destinations - East Lothian

We are always looking for the quickest way out of town. From the Stable to some open roads on a weekday evening or a weekend afternoon. When you only have a couple hours and you want to use them well.

Sometimes the best thing to do is pick a destination, somewhere with good coffee, and race off in that direction. On Sunday we decided to make a visit to Bostock Bakery in East Linton. An impressive working bakery with a serious counter of cakes, donuts and savoury treats. It's something a bit different and makes a great destination.

We left Moto Stable at Abbeyhill and headed North, through Portobello to Musselburgh and jumped onto the A1. Duel carriageways aren't much fun, especially on a Bonneville, but it was the quickest way out, and we could have more fun on the way back.

The tempting signs for 'Motorcycle Racing' become more and more prominent as you get closer to East Fortune. We didn't have time to check it out on this ride but we will definitely be heading back to check out the track and watch some racing.

We rode back through Haddington and along the coast. Retuning to Moto Stable and tucking the bike up until next time.

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