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The Scottish Motorcycle Show 2018

The 2018 Carole Nash MCN Scottish Motorcycle show took place this past weekend, at long last. The show was initially due to take place a month ago however was delayed due to the beast from the east making for less than favourable conditions, both for travel and for ‘slowest wheelie’ competitions.

The later date gave many of us hope that the Scottish spring season would bring with it a glorious weekend in which to ride out to the show. Or at least a weekend without rain.

Whilst not all of the brands and dealers that would normally be in attendance could make the rescheduled date, it was still a massive show with new (and very old) bikes on display, club stands, stunt exhibitions and live talks from the likes of TT legend Ian Hutchison combining to form a varied and well attended event.

Arriving at the show to the noise of screeching tyres sets you up and gets you in the mood. That is until you get to the front of the queu

​​e and have to fork over £17 for entry which most people would consider a little steep.

Inside the show, the layout is slightly confusing, consisting primary of three rooms – modern bikes and gear, a classics hall and a random shed of ‘bits and bobs’ in the middle. Maybe this is the 'something for everyone' approach to an exhibition.

For us, it was a good opportunity to see what was new, catch up with others in the industry and be immersed in the Scottish motorcycle scene at what was overall an enjoyable and well put together show.

I can't help but think though that Edinburgh and other Scottish cities might however benefit in future from some smaller, more focussed shows.

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